[Issues] Using the gain in deriving the FLXSCALE

J.P. McFarland mcfarland at astro.rug.nl
Tue Dec 6 17:28:40 CET 2005

Dear Users,

It should be noted that the photometry portion of 
$AWEPIPE/astro/main/RegriddedFrame.py code between versions 1.68 and 
1.78 is _invalid_ due to the unnecessary gain conversion mentioned 
below.  Any RegriddedFrames created with this code should be considered 
suspect and it is recommended to recreate it using the current version 
of the code (cvs -q update -dPA).



R. Vermeij wrote:

> Dear users,
>   Regridded frames made using the RegriddedFrame module V1.68 and further
>   have a FLXSCALE derived including the gain e-/ADU conversion factor.
>   Using this gain in deriving the FLXSCALE has been removed from V1.79 
>   of the RegriddedFrame module onwards (committed to CVS on 2005/11/22).
> Ronald
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