[Issues] Target Processor: PhotSrcCatalog creation problem

R. Vermeij ronald at astro.rug.nl
Tue Dec 19 14:54:57 CET 2006

Dear mr. Vaith,

As for all other calibrations, the photometric calibration can be 
performed for all instruments
with the system as is. The problem you have has to do with the fact that 
the _calibration data_ for
the photometric pipeline (aka standard star observations) have been 
erroneously ingested under
the purpose /_science_ /instead of _/photom/._ This causes the template 
name to be filled in as :

<instrument name>_img_obs_stare

where it should be :

<instrument name>_img_cal_zp

Note that the old template names *_img_cal_zpkey and *_img_cal_zpuser 
have been deprecated
by ESO. The one given above is now exclusively used for the data 
earmarked for deriving the
zeropoint for the night. Also note that in the reduction, these 
templates are only actively used by
the target processor, the DBRecipes do not use templates in their 
queries (yet).

What can you do to fix this ? Well, re-ingesting the data is practically 
impossible without severely
hacking the system. The only thing you can do is ask your DBA nicelly to 
fix this in the database.


Ronald Vermeij

Hans Vaith wrote:
> Hi All,
> when trying to use the Target Processor to create PhotSrcCatalog objects I get 
> an error saying that no AstrometricParameter objects can be found. Looking 
> through the code in OnTheFly.py I found what causes this error. 
> The AstrometricParameters.exist() method is called with  template='*zp*'. This 
> template name is set by the method getTemplate() in OnTheFly.py. A comment 
> there says that for PhotSrcCatalog objects only ReducedScienceFrames with a 
> template name of '*_zpkey' or '*_zpuser' should be used. 
> However, my ReducedScienceFrames have a different template 
> name: 'WFI_img_obs_stare'.
> I found the strings 'zpkey' and 'zpuser' in the OmegaCAM calibration plan, so 
> it seems as if the code in OnTheFly.py expected to see things the way they 
> are intended for OmegaCAM. Is there a plan to also support instruments in the 
> Target Processor that do not follow these OmegaCAM template name conventions?
> Thanks a lot.
> Regards,
> Hans
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