[Issues] LBCBLUE data

Hans Vaith hav at mpe.mpg.de
Mon Jul 16 10:09:35 CEST 2007

Hello Erik,

thanks for the clarification. I will talk to the LBC team and ask them to fix 
their FITS headers.


On Monday July 16 2007 09:51:38 Erik Deul wrote:
>  From the official FITS standard description for floating point numbers:
> A floating point number is represented by a decimal number followed by
> an optional exponent, with no embedded spaces. A decimal number consists
> of a `+' (hexadecimal 2B) or `-' (hexadecimal 2D) sign, followed by a
> sequence of ASCII digits containing a single decimal point (`.'),
> representing an integer part and a fractional part of the
> floating point number.
> So the decimal point is obligatory, even at this low precision.
> The LBCBLUE data is not conforming to the FITS standard. I won't change
> the fitsconv code.
> Erik

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