[Issues] GASTROM: ORA-28576: lost RPC connection to external procedure agent, ORA-02393: exceeded call limit on CPU usage

Ewout M. Helmich helmich at astro.rug.nl
Fri Sep 28 17:30:30 CEST 2007

Hi Philippe, John, Kor,

1) I believe I have fixed the pickling error. The following lines were 
present in the GAstrom task:

# make self.sourcelists empty -> they'll not survive pickling ...
self.sourcelists = []

However, this was executed at the end of the process. So, in case an 
error occurs before this line in the code, you would also get a pickling 
error on top of it. This should now not occur anymore.

2) When I run the GAstrom task it seems to take an awfully long time in 
the examples you give, Philippe. In fact one run was aborted by the HPC 
time limit on the short queue. Similarly it is possible that the 
database places limits on your CPU usage and cut you off at some point.

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