[Issues] Poor astrometry on SUBARU test field

Tim Schrabback schrabback at strw.leidenuniv.nl
Wed Aug 20 16:47:38 CEST 2008

Dear John and Erik,

during the Leiden tutorial I randomly picked a multi-color SUBARU data set 
to work with. The results for the astrometry (Astrom) were poor, with
an RMS exceeding 1" for some chips/exposures. Looking at the frames they 
visually look fine. I think it would be very valuable to understand the 
cause for such poor results in order to further improve the Astro-WISE 

If you want to check this yourself, this is how I ran the astrometry 

dpu.run('Astrometry', i='SUP', o='deep16_0', C=1,pars=pars.get())

We are currently performing extensive astrometry tests (also using 
different reference catalogs) using CFHTLS-Wide MEGACAM data outside of 
Astro-WISE. It would be good to get these data fully supported in 
Astro-WISE at some point, so we can do cross-checks.

Thanks and best regards,


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