[Issues] Ingestion of reduced MEGACAM and UKIDSS imaging into Astro-Wise for KIDS test case

Jan Snigula snigula at usm.uni-muenchen.de
Thu Feb 14 14:59:59 CET 2008

Hi all,

During the recent KIDS meeting it was decided that it is time for the  
Astro-Wise system to be tested with optical to near-IR science quality  
wide-field imaging data. Specifically, Stella Seitz and Mike Lerchster  
have already put considerable effort into producing good lensing  
quality stacks from CFHT MegaCAM data (CFHLS-W4 field). The plan is to  
ingest this data along with UKIDSS-DXS data in the same field and test  
how well the Astro-Wise system deals with very large datasets, and its  
photometric redshift capability (including Source-extraction and  
convolution stages). Large quantities of spectroscopic redshifts exist  
in this field to help us test the accuracy of the photometric redshifts.

To make this possible we need to ingest the MegaCAM and UKIRT-WFCAM  
stacked images (including astrometry and photometric solutions). These  
must be of arbitrary size (which we know is already possible with  
ingestion of ReducedScience frames). As this is a key requirement of  
Astro-Wise for future surveys, like KIDS, and as we will also produce  
publication quality science from this data, we would like to request  
that somebody with experience in HeaderTranslator design could look  
into this as soon as possible. It would be very useful to have  
something to show by the time of the Astro-Wise meeting. We would be  
able to provide all the information which is required within Astro- 
Wise about these frames (i.e. example headers etc.).

We recall, that CFHT data has been used in Astro-Wise before, but were  
unable to find anything concerning their ingestion (but this probably  
related to raw-frames only).

Looking forward to meet you all in Leiden

Jan & Dave

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