[Issues] why the illumination correction is underestimated in aw

Fedor I. Getman tig at na.astro.it
Wed Nov 18 11:52:22 CET 2009

Dear Philippe and Gijs,

first of all, my apologise for not commited to cvs my modification of 
illumination correction done several mounth before.
Here the modified method "get_inputs_for_fit_routine()" wich must be 
invocked instead original one in "make_fit()" of IlluminationCorrection 
The idea is to adjust before fitting the residuals into the same 
surface, using common value over FOV - sky background (as determined by 
sExtractor during source detection).

In our tests with 3c273 mosaic, that modified method to derive 
IlluminationCorrection give reasonable results in comparision to SDSS mags.

    def get_inputs_for_fit_routine_new(self):
        '''This routine accumulates source information from the input
        PhotSrcCatalog objects in preparation for the overall fit.
        sigclipped_rawzeros_list = []
        pixelpos_list            = []
        error_list               = []

        gridpositions_dict = {}
        sigclipped_rawzeros_dict = {}
        for photcat in self.photcats:
            for gridposition in self.gridpositions[photcat.chip.name]:
gridpositions_dict[photcat.chip.name+"_"+str(gridposition.index)] = 

            for src in photcat.photsourcelist:
                corrected_dmag = src.mag - src.instmag - 
                dmag_error     = math.sqrt(src.mag_err**2 + 
sigclipped_rawzeros_dict[photcat.chip.name+"_"+str(src.index)] = 
(corrected_dmag, dmag_error)
        # do sigma-clipping
        mean, stdev   = 
get_mean_and_stdev([sigclipped_rawzeros_dict[key][0] for key in 
        median        = do_median([sigclipped_rawzeros_dict[key][0] for 
key in sigclipped_rawzeros_dict.keys()])
        sigma_clip    = abs(self.process_params.SIGCLIP_LEVEL * stdev)
        for key in sigclipped_rawzeros_dict.keys():
            if abs( sigclipped_rawzeros_dict[key][0] - median ) > 

        # Add the gridpositions and the corrected raw zeropoints to the 
lists defined
        # above
        for star in sigclipped_rawzeros_dict.keys():
sigclipped_rawzeros_list.append(sigclipped_rawzeros_dict[star][0] - median)

        return pixelpos_list, sigclipped_rawzeros_list, error_list

Philippe Heraudeau wrote:
> Dear Gijs,
> As we discussed yesterday the illumination correction is underestimated
> in awe because of the rescaling of each individual chip to the median of
> the zeropoints (see ./astro/main/IlluminationCorrection.py)
> I simulated this in the 2 ps files you can download with:
> wget http://www.astro.uni-bonn.de/~heraud/illum_4_4.ps.gz
> wget http://www.astro.uni-bonn.de/~heraud/illum_8_8.ps.gz
> which illustrate this effect for 4x4 chip and 8*8 chip cameras.
> The higher number of chips the more "smoothing" and that's why you
> notice more the underestimation with CFHTLS data than with WFI.
> The figures show:
> a) the input illumination correction which is about 25% maximum from
> peak to valley.
> b) the 2D 2nd order polynomial fit of the input
> c) the input illumination after dividing the field by the number of
> chips and rescaling each chip to the median to simulate what is done in
> aw for 4x4 chips in illum_4_4.ps and 8x8 chips in illum_8_8.ps
> d) the 2D 2nd order polynomial fit of c) which clearly underestimate the
> input: only a few percent (6-7%) are seen instead of 25%
> Note: The minimum of the plotted surfaces is always set to 0 and the
> median of c is 0.
> We should solve this issue to get the proper illumination correction...
> Cheers,
> Philippe

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