[Issues] SourceList on a CoaddedRegriddedFrame has wrong error values

Johannes Koppenhoefer koppenh at usm.uni-muenchen.de
Wed Aug 11 11:07:39 CEST 2010

Dear AWE users,

I found irregular MagERR valuse creating a SourceLists on CoaddededRegriddedFrames and I was wondering if anyone has seen the same and has an explanation:

The following example should be easy to reproduce:

If I create a SourceList on a RegriddedFrame, I get reasonable MAGERR values.
However if I create a CoaddedRegriddedFrame with only this single RegriddedFrame as an input and make a SourceList on this CoaddedRegriddedFrame, the MAGERR values are extremely large (~10^5). 

We are having this problem now for months and I checked yesterday that it is still present in the most actual AWBASE checkout.


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