[Issues] SWarp 2.19.1

John P. McFarland mcfarland at astro.rug.nl
Wed Mar 23 14:26:27 CET 2011

Dear Astro-WISErs,

A bug has been discovered related to the latest version of SWarp (2.19.1) 
where the output regridded frame has a NAXIS1 and NAXIS2 of size 1.  The 
only warnings you will see in the logs are strange statistics and a failure 
of LDAC.filter in the FWHM determination.  If you notice any other 
strangeness related to this version of SWarp, please report it as a reply to 
this message and including the issues at astro-wise.org address.

SysAdmins, we are investigating the bug and expect to have a solution before 
too long.  If your users require it, a downgrade to SWarp version 2.17.6 is 
the best work-around.



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