[Issues] Groningen millipede cluster running again

Ewout Helmich helmich at astro.rug.nl
Mon Mar 16 12:39:48 CET 2015


Below is the update we received about the situation; millipede is
available again.

Ewout Helmich


Dear All,

As many of you will  have heard, at 13:00 on Thursday March 12th and
1:30 on Friday March 13th there were problems in the cooling system in
the Landleven machine room which caused an increase of temperature of up
to 6 degrees.   Thanks in part to appropriate intervention, more serious
problems were avoided. 

Since the cause was not initially understood various precautionary
measures were introduced on Friday 13th March. These included
 transfering services from Landleven to Smitsborg and switching off the
compute clusters (Millipede, BIGGRID, EOR) as much as possible. 

The problem was finally identified as a defect in the control module of
the cooling water pumps. This was replaced in the afternoon of  Friday
13th and the system has run over the weekend without further problems. 

Since this problem is now resolved, the various compute clusters have
been restarted today (Monday 16th March) according to the following

  * 9:00   Millipede
  * 10:00  EOR
  * 11:00  BIGGRID

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