[Issues] Some AW_UTIL functions cause lost RPC connection errors

Hugo Buddelmeijer astrowise at hugo.doemaarwat.nl
Tue Mar 4 11:41:32 CET 2008

Hi all,

It appears that some of the functions in AW_UTIL cause the ORA-28576
error: lost RPC connection to external procedure agent. This means that
scripts (or sessions) using these functions cannot last longer than 30

E.g. running this query twice with a 35 minute delay will raise above
5.0/3600.0))". Other queries, such as simple SourceList queries, do not
raise this error.

The AssociatList class uses above function to find associations. The
consequences of this is that it is not possible to create several
AssociateLists in a script/session if the time between their creation is
more than 30 minutes.

Is there a way around this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

Attached scripts show the timeout in question. rpcTimeOutTest.py
compares several queries which are specifically crafted for this test
and would not be used in a regular session. testAL8.py tries two
associations with an (artificial) delay, such a situation can be quite


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